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Mature escorts at our high class escortservice

More mature high class escorts

Most of our high class escorts are young, because the majority of our clientele simply appreciates that. However, even though all our exclusive escorts are intelligent and eloquent, not everyone wants to have a dinner date with a very young lady. We know some gentlemen for example, who like to talk about The Beatles, life before the iPhone, The Jerry Lewis Show, just to name a few. In that case, it would be nice if the lady concerned is able to contribute to the conversation. Ladies who think of Jacky O as a style icon, in stead of Kim Kardashian. Of course, we have a number of ladies in our portfolio who are at least in their thirties. We know of no better combination than a beautiful lady with a background and a career of her own, and who looks like the woman of your dreams. Society Service is, after all, a ‘dream factory’: we make your dreams come true, if only for a limited amount of time. But that’s inherent to a dream.

High class escort older than forty

On a regular basis, we also get requests for a somewhat more ‘mature’ high class escort. Therefore, when we found some special ladies in their forties and added them to our elite force with pleasure. We see an increasing demand for ladies who are even a little more mature than that. After all, a gentleman of say, 65 years of age, considers a woman who is twenty years younger still to be very young. But in any case, the phenomenon ‘MILF’ (we’re sure you will look it up if you don’t know the concept) is getting more and more popular: lots of young men consider dating an attractive somewhat older woman a really exciting experience. We can assure you: it is… It is not for nothing that the saying is ‘life begins at forty’.

Is a ‘Patriarch Service’ at Society Service an idea you like?

At Society Service we are thinking about starting a ‘Patriarch Service’. Think of it as a mature version of our ‘Virgin Service’ which has already been a huge success for a long time. We believe the ‘Patriarch Service’ could be a great service for a widower. Or for a gentleman whose marriage is no longer quite as passionate as it was in the early years. Or perhaps for a somewhat more senior gentleman who feels he is no (longer an) expert when it comes to romantical issues. We are curious if you also believe there’s a ‘market’ for a service like this and we would really appreciate your response. At Society Service the client is king, and we love to adapt our services to the changing wishes of our customers. Please, do let us know if you would like to see the more mature high class escorts?

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