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The language skills of our escorts

Information about the language skills of our high class escorts

You will find a lot of information in the profiles of our high class escorts and exclusive gigolos, including about the languages ​​the escort speaks and how well he or she speaks them. You probably noticed that all our escorts and gigolos speak at least good Dutch and English. That is not surprising, since they are all living in the Netherlands, a country where almost the entire population speaks English rather well. But some escorts also speak German, French, Italian, Spanish and sometimes even Chinese, Arabic or another foreign language.

The social aspect of a booking is at least as important for our high class escorts and gigolos as the erotic part of a booking. Communication is very important, which is why we require that you are fluent in a language the escort also speaks at least well. This way you are assured of a smooth conversation during your booking. In practice, this means that you must be fluent in English or Dutch. In addition, we can only assist you in Dutch or English when arranging your bookings at our high class escort service.

In the profiles of our escorts you can see if an escort speaks a language “fluent”, “good” or “some”. Below we will explaine what we mean by this.

The escort speaks a language “fluent”

When it is indicated that the escort speaks a language fluent, this often means that this language is the mother tongue of the escort. If it is not the mother tongue of the escort, then the escort speaks this language so well that both the vocabulary and pronunciation are excellent. The conversation will in no way be hindered by a lack of language skills.

The escort speaks a language “good”

If the escort speaks the language good, then it is not the native language of the escort but the escort masters this language well enough to enter a conversation. The vocabulary will be very broad, and anything can be talked about, but sometimes the escort will have to search for the right word or the pronunciation will be such that it is clear that this is not the mother tongue of the escort.

The escort speaks a language “some”

If it is indicated that an escort speaks the language some, the escort will be able to have a simple conversation in this language, but not a complete conversation. The vocabulary and pronunciation are both not excellent but the escort can follow what a conversation is about. This can be convenient if your native language is a language that the escort speaks a little so that you can fall back on your native language.

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