blog item - 16 Apr 2023

Introduction newest high class escorts

These high class escorts are new to our escort service

In the past six months we have been working on a major update of our website. This update mainly concerns the technology behind our website and not so much the design. Therefore, apart from some nice new tools, you won’t see much change.

Now that we are working on the migration of this new website, we will not update the escort profiles for the next few weeks. That is why we are introducing some of our newest high class escorts through this blog. This blog is also the last blog on this website. The next blog will be on our renewed website, with all the improvements of course.

April: Exotic, sexy and intelligent escort from Limburg

Statistics: Limburg area, 25 years old, financial advisor, tolerant non-smoker, long brown hair with brown eyes, 169 cm, hourglass figure with size S/36NL/10UK/8US, cup size 75/34F enlarged and larger booty.

About April: “Others would describe me as a happy, spontaneous woman who is not afraid to try something new. Despite my interests in numbers and reports, I like to go to the gym and enjoy some exciting and intimate relaxation. With my dark brown hair and fuller curves, I like to take on the challenge to seduce you.”

Jessie: Sportive blonde from Amsterdam

Statistics: Amsterdam, 27 years old, personal trainer, tolerant non-smoker, dark blond hair with blue eyes, 168 cm, sporty figure with size M/38NL/12UK/10US, natural cup size 75B and rounder booty.

About Jessie: “I am an elegant, sensual woman with a playful and kinky edge, very experienced and even though I may look like it I am anything but innocent. I am spontaneous, accessible and I really like humor. In addition, I also love a deep connection and a good conversation while enjoying a delicious glass of wine. If you like a sporty, ambitious and enterprising woman then you have come to the right place.”

Vanessa: Ultimate Girl Next Door from Rotterdam area

Statistics: Rotterdam area, 24 years old, psychology student, tolerant non-smoker, long brown hair with green eyes, 165 cm, normal figure with size M/38NL/12UK/10US, natural cup size 75B and larger booty.

About Vanessa: “I can best relate myself to the quote ‘still waters run deep’. This means that at first glance I seem calm and innocent, but as you get to know me better, I loosen up. At that moment my spontaneity and playfulness come to the fore and I am very sweet, sensual and have a good dose of humor. I am often told that I have sex appeal, probably because of my warm appearance and my exotic hips.”

Joy: Seductive glamour escort from Rotterdam

Statistics: Rotterdam, 28 years old, secretary, tolerant non-smoker, long dark blond hair with brown eyes, 170 cm, slim figure with size S/36NL/10UK/8US, natural cup size 75B and normal booty.

About Joy: “I am adventurous, optimistic, spontaneous, seductive, caring and sweet with a good sense of humor. I always want to experience the best of life and give the people around me the best of life. I like to laugh and I don’t take myself and life too seriously. I am quite flirtatious and with good reason; I really like eroticism.”

Ayleen: Exotic latina from Den Bosch

Statistics: Den Bosch, 25 years old, personal trainer, tolerant non-smoker, medium length black hair with brown eyes, 177cm, curvy hourglass figure with size M/38NL/12UK/10US, natural cup size 75G and bigger booty.

About Ayleen: “I am regularly described as a spontaneous, independent, enterprising and empathetic young lady with a good sense of humor and with her heart on her sleeve. I like to open myself up to meet new people and get to know them on a deep level, but also to learn and discover new things, because nothing is too crazy for me!”

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