blog item - 08 Mar 2023

Information about your loyalty points

Your loyalty points is changed into a credit

As the very first high class escort service, we introduced our Loyalty Program more than a decade ago. Clients save points with bookings which they can spend on bookings. Unfortunately, this savings program sometimes led to an unpleasant discussion about the amount, durability and usability of the points.

Such discussions began to gnaw at us. The points are a gift and such discussions remind us of ‘beggars cannot be choosers’. This has therefore resulted in the decision to adjust the savings program and to consider a different and clearer rewards program for our returning clients.

You no longer save points on bookings

Soon it will no longer be possible to save points for bookings. This is expected to be around April 2023 as this requires some technical adjustments. Points already saved remain valid for two years. During that period you can still spend them, even if the balance is less than the currently required lower limit of 50 points.

Loyalty points expire and become credit

A credit will replace the loyalty points. In this way you can see what credit you still have to spend with our escort service. This option is currently already being used by clients who pay larger amounts for multiple future bookings and this will be further expanded.

Rewards for loyal and pleasant clients

Naturally, we are thinking about how we can reward our loyal and most enjoyable clients in ways other than points. In the coming period we will therefore consider additional benefits that we can offer our clients about which we will report to you later. Suggestions are of course very welcome!

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