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Cook and dine at home with your escort

Cooking and dining at home at our escortservice

Occasionally we get the question whether it is also possible to cook together with the high class escort or gigolo and dine at home. This may be due to discretion, because you can not, for example, be seen in public with the escort or gigolo but would like to dine together. Another reason may be because you simply love to cook and this seems fun to do together during your booking. In principle, it is always possible to cook together and dine at home. In fact, many escorts and gigolos will enjoy this very much. However, the dinnerdate rate is only applicable when certain conditions are met.

The conditions to qualify for the dinnerdate rate

In our Terms and Conditions you can already read what the conditions are to qualify for the dinner rate. We will apply these conditions to a situation where you cook and dine at home with the escort, with the exception of requiring to travel to and from the restaurant together with your escort.

One reason why a dinner rate is reduced is to compensate for the travel time normally required to travel to and from the restaurant. This is of course not the case when you cook and dine at home. However, since you spend time during the booking to prepare dinner, this will replace the travel time. It is therefore not possible for you to prepare the dinner completely before the start of the booking. You cook together with the escort or gigolo. Just as with a ‘normal’ dinner date, an extensive dinner is enjoyed, consisting of at least three courses. Cooking and dining together should also cover at least half of the total booking duration. If you can not cook so well yourself, it is of course possible that the dinner will be provided by a chef you hire for the occasion. This chef will then have to provide a very elegant meal, comparable to a luxury restaurant. The dinner rate does not apply if you have food delivered by a caterer or another home delivery option.

Eroticism and intimate contact is not possible during cooking and dining. You should limit physical contact to what would be appropriate in a restaurant. Would you like the escort or gigolo to wear nothing underneath an apron, except perhaps some sexy nickers? Then the dinnerdate rate does not apply. Do you want to kiss extensively while cooking? Again, the dinnerdate rate does not apply.

We hope we have explained you well when the dinnerdate rate applies when you want to cook and dine at home during your booking with our high class escortservice. As a rule, you could say that if you want to dine at home to save costs, you are not making a sensible choice. You should only consider this because it seems genuinely nicer or for reasons of discretion.

Suggestions for cooking with your high class escort or gigolo

Boiling potatoes and grilling a steak is hardly a challenge, but how much challenge is wise to look for when you want to cook together with the high class escort or gigolo? After all, you want to impress your messmate. In addition, you probably do not want to watch a huge pile of dishes for the rest of the evening. It is therefore wise to take this into account in your choice of dishes. Look up a number of recipes in advance and make sure that there are at least a few things that you have prepared before or that really can not fail. Such as caviar with blinis and fresh oysters with lemon. In addition, it is very nice to try and prepare something new together. For instance, try to make ice with nitrogen, that’s great fun.

Unlike a restaurant, it is not possible to choose from an extensive menu, which can easily be adapted to dietary requirements. It is therefore advisable to inform in advance whether your escort or gigolo has certain dietary requirements or restrictions. In addition, very pronounced flavors, such as exotic meat and very spicy food are also not recommended. They are not common tastes and you run the risk that your escort or gigolo does not share these preferences.

Try to make your home look like a luxury restaurant. The candles can be lit, the lights dimmed and a pleasant music in the background. A nicely decorated table with perhaps a flower arrangement provides a lot of atmosphere, a bottle of champagne in a beautiful cooler does as well, of course. Provide appropriate crockery and glasses, and linen napkins instead of paper towels. In the profile of the escort you can find the preferences in terms of cuisine and drinks. Make sure that they are present, but feel free to serve a wine pairing that matches the dishes. Our escorts and gigolo’s all enjoy the finer things in life, of which fine dining and beautiful wines are certainly two.

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