blog item - 25 Feb 2020

Stimulate the G-spot of your high class escort

Where is the G-spot of the high class escort located?

For many, the G-spot is still a mysterious place, but if it is up to the high class escorts of Society Service, that will soon change. After all, massaging this erogenous zone will delight a large number of our escorts. Why is this orgasmic place still unknown to many men and women? We have no idea. But to make sure that everyone can locate the G-spot in the future, we thought: you know what, we’ll just explain it.

Where is the G-spot of the high class escort from Society Service?

The G-spot is a spot that lies close to the upper wall of the vagina, that is in the direction of her mons pubis. It is located one to two fingers deep and the skin feels a bit spongy. In terms of structure, a clear distinction can be made with the rest of the vagina. How is that possible? The main reason is that the G-spot starts to swell as soon as you arouse the high class escort from Society Service.

How do you stimulate the G-spot of the high class escort?

To stimulate the G-spot of the high class escort from Society Service you must know what you are doing. Insert both your forefinger and middle finger inside her, bend them up and then rub the spongy skin gradually. Take it from us: if you keep repeating this correctly and endlessly, the female escort will very much enjoy it.

Escorts and G-spot orgasm

The orgasm of the G-spot is in many cases many times more intense than a clitoral orgasm. Unlike the clitoris, you generate a G-spot orgasm by covering the overall erogenous zone. Don’t forget to vary with speed and pressure. Once the orgasm presents itself, continue to rub the most sensitive part of the G-spot with the right amount of pressure. The result is that you give the high class escort an indescribable experience. Incidentally, there are also high class escorts who can get a G-spot orgasm through penetration. Ask your escort which positions she enjoys. This way you can discover together how you can stimulate her G-spot in the nicest way.

Escorts and Squirt

Some high class escort from Society Service can also ejaculate. This is also called squirting. As soon as the woman has an orgasm, she can produce so much fluid that it literally squirts out of her vagina. For many, this is an incredibly lusty experience. Do you want to know all about this? In one of our previous blogs we extensively discuss this phenomenon.

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