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Bisexual threesome escorts in Amsterdam

Bisexual duobooking at our high class escortservice in Amsterdam

A bisexual duobooking is a common booking with our high class escortservice. It is not for nothing the most common fantasy among men. Not only that, many women also long for a bisexual threesome. In everyday life it is not easy to arrange a threesome with two beautiful women and a man, but with our escortservice it is, needless to say, not a problem at all. Many of our escort ladies are based in Amsterdam, but also when (one of) the escorts is based in another region, a booking is still possible in Amsterdam and elsewhere throughout the Netherlands.

The best way to find two bisexual escort ladies is to ask an escort to select her favorite duo partner, with who she has the best click. This guarantees a sensual date. In addition, many of our experienced escorts also like to take a new escort to a bisexual duo bookings and show her around. So literally your pleasure is also her pleasure! High class escort Madison from Amsterdam is a good example of this. One of her first bookings was a duobooking with the gorgeous Megan and during the photoshoot she met escort Elizabeth. This provided enough material to make your imagination go wild!

High class escort Madison about her first duobooking

“I am on holiday when I receive a notification. Society Service. Exactly a week ago I had my last job interview in Amsterdam with Marike. I had read a number of other profiles on the website and dreamed about it in my sleep. Who would ever think that my first date would be a bisexual duo booking with one of the other escorts? I quickly found Megan’s profile and was impressed, Megan is a stunning lingerie model. A dream come true! I hoped she would like me as much as I liked her. At that moment I started to feel a bit nervous. What would I wear, what kind of lingerie would she like? Fortunately, I still had a month to make this choice because the booking was placed well in advance. I was reassured a little when I saw that she has about the same erotic preferences as I do. I trusted that she would lead me through this new experience.

Every time I thought about my upcoming date, I felt a tingling sensation in my tummy. Never before did a holiday feel so long, looking forward to my first date. When I first saw her the night of the booking, I was blown away. She was even more beautiful than I had hoped. While walking, she occasionally touched me softly with her hand, and I felt the excitement building. Our client always came closer to us. After Megan and the client started kissing, I was gradually invited to join. Her lips were softer than I could imagine. In the alternation with a real masculine touch of him, they gave me a lot of energy to continue quickly with the next step. When we only had a part of our lingerie left on, is when we fully went for it. From the lounge we moved to the bed and everyone was busy pleasuring another. He enjoyed seeing us busy with each other. It went so naturally, that it seemed like we were doing this daily. One by one we reached our orgasm. I had the time of my life and I could see that our client felt the same. We went home with a very satisfied feeling. I look forward to the next time with a beautiful lady and gentleman. Are you next?”

Curious what Megan has to say to this? This is her reply: “When I heard about my booking with Madison I was so excited. Sharing the bed with a woman AND a man? Can you wish for anything more? More pleasure, more naughtiness and more excitement. I was looking forward to it for weeks. When I finally got to see Madison I was amazed by her beauty. Because she was new, I couldn’t peek at her pictures, but I did read her profile several times. This certainly triggered my fantasies. In real life she was even nicer. Her full lips caught my attention right away. Soon I felt really comfortable around her. I had met the client before and we shared this fantasy of having a threesome with a beautiful brunette. He could not have chosen a better lady! What a lovely night.. When we arrived to the bedroom, no one could keep their hands to themselves. I wish I could relive this night… “

High class escort Madison about her photoshoot

“I was looking forward to the photo shoot for weeks. Meanwhile, some of my private photos were online, but it would only become real if the official Society Service photos were on it. Buy lingerie sets, curl my hair, paint my nails, make sure I look extra nice… I was ready for it. With my suitcase full of beautiful clothes and lingerie I went to the photoshoot. I was really looking forward to see the other new escort ladies again and meet other new escorts. Such a special shoot does not occur that often. Upon arrival it was as if we had known each other for years. Some ladies were a little nervous for the meeting or for the photoshoot. Each one of them looked beautiful and sexy.

I recognized Elizabeth from a previous meeting. We connected immediately and I told her about the duo booking I had already done with high class escort Megan. Elizabeth became more and more enthusiastic about my experience and told me that she also wanted to do this. While it was my turn for a photo session, she came to me, very innocently, asking me if I wanted to pose with her. In full agreement, I nodded ‘yes’. But only if we could use her beautiful whip and handcuffs! The photographer and Marike were a little surprised, but cheerfully agreed. Once on the bed it felt very familiar and we immediately took our place. I noticed that she was completely at ease to (almost) kiss each other for the perfect picture. My hand moved slightly lower until I was touching her panties. We agreed that we would really like to do a duo booking together. If it is up to me, right away! With maybe a third lady?”

Of course we asked Elizabeth for her reply, and this is what she wrote: “On the way to the photoshoot it tickled from the nerves. This was the day that we would meet new ladies and the time has come for the photos to be put online on the Society Service website. With healthy tension I arrived with in my hand a suitcase full of high heels, lingerie sets and clothing. Full of enthusiasm I became acquainted with the magnificent ladies. I had met some of these beautiful ladies at a meeting of Society Service before. Then I saw Madison in the locker room changing herself with a different lingerie set and I went to change my clothes. Immediately there was a perfect vibe between us and in the meantime I started fantasizing about what it would be like to have a threesome with her. As a foretaste, I thought it might be fun to make some sexy photos with Madison and me together.

With a sweet smile I asked Madison if she wanted to take some pictures with me. That were the most fantastic and delicious minutes of my life. I was allowed to put Madison down in bed and started playing with her. It felt wonderful when I pressed her against me and our lips touched each other. I felt her full breasts against mine, I felt her breath near my mouth so that I got tingling all over my body. She is so delicious! To make the setting a little more spicy, I grabbed my whip and handcuffs. The submissive gaze in Madison’s eyes made me so excited that my hands automatically slid to her panties. I continued to caress her and then I started pulling her hair lightly. With my whip I gently tapped her beautiful round butt. That foretaste has been a great success and I can not wait to share the bed with her for a threesome and to continue playing with her.”

You don’t believe it until you see it? Well, then here is a nice preview for you…

Bisexual duo at our Amsterdam escortservice

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